Golf Shapes People.

Playing his first round of golf at age six, Casey had no idea how accurately these words would describe his journey. Growing up in Southern California, he played a lot of early morning golf with his dad. Casey learned many lessons during these rounds that helped define the person he is today. Patience, preparation, self-control, course management, and consideration for others were part of the learning process that shaped who Casey is on and off the golf course.

During his freshman year at the University of California at Berkeley, Casey discovered his love of design and pursued a B.A. in Architecture from the School of Environmental Design. The school’s focus on the creative process helped Casey hone his skills for producing inspired and beautiful golf courses.

Established in 1993, Casey O’Callaghan Golf Course Design, Inc. has focused on new golf course design, master planning design, golf course restoration, and various resort development projects. Casey truly loves his job! He loves the challenge of creating golf courses that are strategic and challenging for great golfers while making the same courses interesting, fun, and playable for the average golfer. The technical side of design, involving detailed plans and accurate quantities, is an integral part of Casey’s work that gives contractors confidence to competitively bid projects that result in value for his clients. Casey’s focus on aesthetics yields courses that blend seamlessly with the surrounding land forms and are truly beautiful.

Reflecting back on those early morning rounds with his dad, Casey is truly thankful and blessed that his journey has led him to be a thoughtful representative of the golf course industry.

Casey O'Callaghan